Westhills Mall

Today’s piece is a behind the scenes of a project that has already been completed. The westhills Mall , located on the winneba road , is the largest single phase shopping center in Accra. It spans 27,700 square meters and construction started in December 2012. 

Electrical installation took a team of 50 electricians with 5 supervising technicians and 1 Engineer. 

The mall is powered by two substations each with two transformers at 1250KVa each , that is four 1250KVa transformers ! That’s enough to power a small community.  For such high power , a network of 2000A overhead busbar was used to make connections between the transformers and Main LV Panels.  each substation had a back up Generator of 1000KVa installed. 
Cable trays , Cable baskets were also used to deliver power to distribution boards and consumer units. 

Engergy efficiency was attained by installing timer switches in consumer units and provision for future installation of a solar panel network was also provided.

The success of this installation also provided us the chance to work on two more malls of this magnitude in Kumasi and Achimota. 



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